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MARK 3338: Introduction to Marketing Analytics

Credit: u/binanceambassador1 on Reddit

The designated analytics tool is Microsoft Excel 365, perhaps the most commonly used data processing software in the business world. This is a very hands-on course. It includes many Excel examples. The structure of the course is as follows:

Part 1: Marketing Metrics and Excel

  • Orientation
  • Course/Excel Introduction
  • Data
  • Advertising

Part 2: Customer Analytics

  • Customer Profiling
  • Targeting Customers
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Part 3: Four P's Analytics

  • Price (optimization)
  • Place (distribution and salesforce optimization)
  • Promotion (experiments)
  • Regression
  • Product (conjoint analysis)

Course Schedule (With Link to YouTube Video)

Week 1: Introduction/Excel Basics

Week 2: Data data everywhere

Week 3: Does my advertising work?

Week 4: Customer Profiling

Week 5: Targeting Customers

Week 6: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Week 7: Review

Week 8: Exam 1 (no video)

Week 9: Price optimization

Week 10: Place: distribution and salesforce optimization

Week 11: Promotion and experiments

Week 12: Predicting customer behavior using regression

Week 13: Product: new product design / conjoint analysis

Week 14: Review

Week 15: Exam 2 (no video)