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Introduction to Marketing Analytics

Credit: u/binanceambassador1 on Reddit


This is a very hands-on course with many Excel examples. It requires a lot of work and demands weekly attention and studies. If you are looking for an easy course in marketing, this is not the course for you.

The designated analytics tool is Microsoft Excel 365, perhaps the most commonly used data processing software in the business world. The structure of the course is as follows:

Part 1: Marketing Metrics and Excel

  • Orientation
  • Course/Excel Introduction
  • Data
  • Advertising

Part 2: Customer Analytics

  • Customer Profiling
  • Targeting Customers
  • Customer Lifetime Value

Part 3: Four P's Analytics

  • Price (optimization)
  • Place (distribution and salesforce optimization)
  • Promotion (experiments)
  • Regression
  • Product (conjoint analysis)

Course Schedule (With Link to YouTube Video)

Week 1: Introduction/Excel Basics

Week 2: Data data everywhere

Week 3: Does my advertising work?

Week 4: Customer Profiling

Week 5: Targeting Customers

Week 6: Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)

Week 7: Review

Week 8: Exam 1 (no video)

Week 9: Price optimization

Week 10: Place: distribution and salesforce optimization

Week 11: Promotion and experiments

Week 12: Predicting customer behavior using regression

Week 13: Product: new product design / conjoint analysis

Week 14: Review

Week 15: Exam 2 (no video)